If you love true crime as much as I do and enjoyed watching the new Unsolved Mysteries on Netflix then I have great news. We just found out that there will be another season with all-new episodes. Here's what we know. I am a huge fan of true crime stories and am convinced that someday I will help in some way to solve a crime or catch a bad guy. In the meantime, I love watching cold cases and unsolved crime stories. I was thrilled to find out that Unsolved Mysteries will be back for a second season on Netflix soon.

According to WhatsOnNetflix.com, there are six more all-new episodes of Unsolved Mysteries that will air on Netflix on October 19, 2020. Season 2 or Volume 2 as they are calling it, will also look into some of the biggest mysteries from the supernatural to true crime stories.

If you watched the first batch of Unsolved Mysteries, you were not disappointed. If you haven't watched them yet, you can still watch them on Netflix and I highly recommend doing so. All of the stories were very intriguing and shed new light on some very old and cold cases. There was even a local paranormal episode called Berkshires UFO that was good, I may rewatch it.

The other side to the reboot of Unsolved Mysteries is that it is watched worldwide so if you are a sleuth like me, there are more people invited to the crime-solving party. Hopefully, we will get updates that some of these unsolved mysteries will be ultimately solved. There is even a forum where you can leave tips and information.

You bet I can't wait for October 19th. I might just binge-watch all episodes in one night.

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