An Albany area company that manufactures packing materials using innovative methods and materials will soon be opening a plant in Troy.

Mushrooms - Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images

Ecovative has its headquarters in Green Island. They have made the announcement that they are planning to open another part of their operations in Troy. The plan is to have that plant open this summer.

Ecovative is a company that manufactures several environmentally friendly items from mushroom mycelium and agricultural waste and byproducts. The products replace several products that are harmful and are safe for our environment. Some of those products are insulation which is used in cars and, and protective packaging materials. According to their website, building insulation (Mushroom Insulation) isn’t available commercially, yet.

According to an article in the Troy Record, the Troy plant will be located in Lansingburgh in the Ross Valve Tech Park, and is replacing a Cedar Rapids, Iowa plant.

There’s a You Tube video explaining an overview of Ecovative.


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