Today on the "Sean and Richie Show" we were thrilled to have Tim and Tracy Purcell, owners of Grapevine Farms in Cobleskill come in to talk about how they got chosen to compete in Las Vegas in the World Food Championships.

Grapevine Farms, Facebook

We had a great time interviewing them, although they did forget to bring us some of this amazing chicken salad that everyone is talking about. While I was not happy about that, I did enjoy hearing the amazing story of how they were chosen for the competition and just what makes their famous chicken salad so danged good.

We also learned more about their amazing restaurant and I think after you listen to them talk  about it, you may find yourself taking a short drive yourself to enjoy some wine tasting and great food!

Take a listen to them from this morning on the "Sean and Richie Show" on WGNA: