Birthday, anniversary, graduation and so many other celebrations look a little different under social distancing rules, but we've all found ways to make them fun. My favorite celebrations have been the drive-by parades.

As a family, we have been part of at least six — including honoring my mom who turned 75 in May, my son Ryan’s third-grade teacher, and a bunch of kids and adult birthday parades. I thought each and every one was unique and very emotional, not only for the person we are celebrating but being part of the entire parade.

That's why I'm excited to help Mohawk Honda and Mohawk Chevrolet with their Parade of Smiles. We're accepting nominations from the community for people to honor, and Mohawk will provide plenty of vehicles for the parade, as well as extra goodies such as balloons, flowers and cookies. The goal is to make someone feel special and appreciated, whether it's for a birthday, new baby or some other special occasion.

It's extra fun, because Mohawk's saying is: "We go out of our way to please you." With Parade of Smiles, they're literally letting you pick the route they take to make your day.

And honestly, this commitment to customer service is an integral part of the Mohawk business. I have been a customer — or what I like to call, a family member — of Mohawk Honda for over a decade, and I am on my 12th lease with them.

I currently own a Mohawk Honda CRV and a Mohawk Honda HRV. I have paraded both proudly in all of the drive-by parades we have been a part of. I love being a member of the Mohawk Honda family. It’s always fun to visit the showroom to just hang out!