Love Cheez-It's? You will not want to miss the menu at Upstate NY's newest diner.

If you have kids, your pantry probably has a few boxes of Cheez-Its. Maybe you had some of them last night as a midnight snack! Or maybe like me, you can easily destroy a box of Cheez-Its while watching Netflix. Those square little crackers bring cheesy greatness, and now that greatness will be featured at a new Cheez-Its-themed diner coming to Upstate New York.


Cheez-Its Themed Diner Now Open In Woodstock For A Limited Time

File this one under the greatest idea ever! According to the Cheeze It Facebook page the world's only 'Cheeze-In Diner' is now open at 261 Tinker Street In Woodstock, New York!

This one-of-a-kind diner features a menu of all Cheez-It-inspired dishes. A New York Upstate story says the menu features dishes like the 'Extra Cheezburger' topped with a large Cheez-It cracker, the 'Big Grilled Cheez' with a 'Cheez-It cracker crust,' and of course 'Mac & Cheez It' topped with you guessed it, a CHeez-It cracker crumble!

But if you want to experience the Cheez-In Diner, make your plans now. It will only remain open for a limited time through this Sunday, May 26th.

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