Jenn and I are getting married (eventually) and we have set up our registry online. I have to admit, I really didn't have anything to do with it. The other day I was looking through it and noticed there were some very strange items that we were asking for. Have you seen some crazy things on people's wedding registries or is it just mine? I am excited to get married. We are also building a house so Jenn thought that the wedding registry would double as gifts that we need for our home. I get that, but it seems that some of the things on our registry are a bit strange to ask for.

For instance, Jenn found these really cool Bluetooth speakers that light up like tiki torches for our yard. She also asked for a family laser tag set. We will have a pool at the new house so there are a few pool toys on our registry. There is a pack of thirty-five pool noodles and several different inflatables including this one.

Pool Float,

Jenn also wanted us to make sure that we had a bunch of stuff for the lawn and yard. She put on a few normal things like a hose, a lawnmower, a leaf blower, and something for the dog to help with our lawn. She found these rocks that you put in his water bowl so that when he pees on the lawn, he doesn't burn the grass yellow. Here they are.

Dog Rocks,

There is also a cute garden gnome that she included. I know it's cute, but why would this be on our wedding registry?

Moose Garden Gnome,

This is only a small sample of what is on our wedding registry. Do you think it's a bit much? Have you seen some strange things on another couple's wedding registry?

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