The stretch of Erie Boulevard from State Street to General Electric in Schenectady is a very wide stretch of road. That may be changing.

Erie Boulevard

According to a story in the Times Union, there have been plans for about four years to reconstruct that part of Erie Boulevard and make it narrower and more pedestrian- and bicycle-friendly. The plans are also calling for a tree-lined median from Interstate 890 to State Street. Many of the businesses didn’t want that.

Some of the business owners on the Erie Boulevard have concerns regarding how this could affect their businesses and also the possible cost of the project. One business is The Adult World Book Store. The owner was paid $300,000 by the city of Schenectady for his store front, but he says it was about $150,000 more than what it was worth. There was no information about when the project will start. That really is a very wide section of road.

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