NY Trooper and K9 Find Elderly Man Missing in Upstate Woods
It's stories like this that make you appreciate the work of law enforcement.  Once they put that uniform on, there's no way of knowing what the day will bring.  Danger, unpredictability and high-stress are part of the job.  This story combines all three, but thankfully with a happy ending. A 92-year-...
Tied-Up and Crying, Abused Valatie Doggo Waits for Forever Home
Despite being abused and terribly neglected, a 13-year-old girl with special needs loves people and is super sweet.  Meet Oreo who was found over three weeks ago when she was seen tied to a pole in a Valatie parking lot, crying.   On the mend and looking for love, the Columbia-Greene Humane Society says they'll waive the adoption fees if they can find her a "forever home." Accor... Read
Young Shen Student Inspires Community While Defying the Odds
Diagnosed with a very rare disease as toddler, AJ Ballard from Waterford was given a very short life expectancy of only 6-8 years and while his condition has worsened over the years, his spirit has not.   Now, at age 10 1/2 , AJ continues to defy the odds set by doctors when he was told he most likely wouldn't make it to 3rd or 4th grade, let alone graduate elementary school. When ...
St. Peter’s Health Care Heroes Save Man’s Life While on Vacation
A pair of health care workers from Rensselaer were in the right place at the right time recently when they saved a man's life who had no pulse when they saw him lying on the ground at JFK Airport in New York City. Ironically, the heroic feat happened after they had just returned from a Florida vacation while using their free JetBlue Airline tickets given to health care heroes...
Honor a Hero ‘On-Air’ with GNA’s 4th of July Salute to the Troops
It's one one our favorite things to do every year as we celebrate America's birthday and we can't do it without you and your stroies of the brave men and women in the Armed Forces. Beginning at 6 a.m. on Friday, July 2nd and continuing all through Independence Day on WGNA, Brian and Chrissy will be honoring some of the local men and women in our military who may be away from their families while p
Shen’s Kevin Huerter Dominated Game 7 and Twitter Went Nuts
In the sports world, there are few things more exciting than a Game 7.  It's what kids dream of when shooting hoops in the backyard with friends; it's do or die, win or go home and in this case, where legends are born. Last night during game 7 of the NBA Eastern Conference semi-finals, 2016 Shen grad Kevin Huerter came through with the best game of his life, putting on an absolute clinic of epic p
A Cut Above: Longtime Troy Barber Celebrated with Massive Billboard
My dad, Papa Codes aka "Harry the Barber" has been clipping heads in Albany for over 50 years and when I saw this awesome story celebrating another longtime Capital Region barber, I got a little choked up.   Barbers are true artists - masters of their craft - and if you're lucky enough to find a good one, you're more than likely to stay with that stylist for life. I don...
Update: Mysterious Glens Falls Rocking Chair a Memorial for Little Girl
For last few months, the Glens Falls rocking chair that simply "appeared" one April day in a local park created an air of of mystery, intrigue, and speculation.  What was  story behind the portrait of the little girl and who is the person holding her hand seen in the silhouette on the back of the chair placed inside City Park in Glens Falls?  Some people ...
Troopers in Albany Rescue Ducklings Trapped in Drain
Perhaps we oughta call these men the real Duck Dynasty or how about, wait for it..... Duck, Duck Sleuths? A family of ducks trying to cross a portion of I-87 in Albany ended up in a storm drain, stranded without their mom and probably had little chance for survival had it not been for the heroic action of a couple of New York State Troopers on Friday. ...
Unknown Hero Saves Drowning Boys in Washington County
Who is the mysterious fisherman who saved two drowning boys in Washington County on Sunday? Officials from the Washington County Sheriff's Office are trying to piece together the limited information they have as they try to locate a local fisherman they believe is a legitimate hero.   It is believed that two young boys were saved by this unidentified this man in Cossayuna Lake on Sunday.
Willy Wonka of Upstate Hides $100K ‘Golden Ticket’
The Upstate New York man known as the original "Mr. Jelly Belly" has taken his passion and love for Willy Wonka-style treasure hunts to the next level.  David Klein says that somewhere in the lower 48 United States, he's hidden a treasure in the form of a "Golden Ticket" worth $100,000.
11 Epic Ways to Makeover this Old Waterford Firehouse
Want to buy a firehouse? Multiple Waterford Firehouses were put up for sale recently on 518 Online Garage Sale.  The three made available by the Village of Waterford are the Knickerbocker Seamer Co Firehouse, Kavanaugh Hook and Ladder Co Firehouse and the JW Ford Co Hose Firehouse.  It's unclear just how much these stations are going for, but interested parties can find out more information by cli

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