Ripe for the Pickin’ – GNA Pranks Listener Accused of Stealing Apples
We got a great idea for a prank phone call from Angie, one our GNA listeners. She thought it would be funny if we called her husband Adam and questioned him about stealing apples on their most recent visit to the orchard.  While technically they didn't steal she did admit that they were a little wasteful,  taking a few bites from the fruit before discarding them.  Angie also told us that she and h
Iconic Albany Landmark to be Future Home of Hattie’s Restaurant
The old and currently vacated building that used to be Lombardo's Restaurant in Albany is still quite the striking sight when you drive by it, which I did recently. The giant "Lombardo's" sign that sits proudly in the middle of the classic downtown Albany building conjures up memories of the past for a restaurant that has over 100 years of history steeped within its walls...
Whitehall, NY’s Annual Sasquatch Calling Contest a Howling Good Time
Last year, disappointment filled the air of Washington County.  Absent were the shrieks from Sasq-wannabees throughout Washington County when the annual Sasquatch Festival and Calling Contest was put on hold due to Covid. But this year, the annual celebration of Sasquatch was back in Whitehall, NY, and some would say it was bigger and hairier than ever.   W...

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