518 High Schooler's Star in Senior Shout-Out Song [Listen]
GNA invited local high school graduating seniors to be a part of a special song and we loved the great response we got from many of you.  It hasn't been easy for high school seniors, a big part of your life was taken away because of the pandemic.  We hope this helps you preserve some of the great me…
Haters Gon' Hate: Brian's Stunning Crop Top Photo Explained
If you think that my inner 10-year-old isn't licking his chops over #nationaldoughnut day, you would be greatly mistaken friends.  Everything about this photo tells a story about my childhood that I refuse to hide from, and quite frankly, how could I hide...
WANTED: Area HS Seniors for Custom Country Song
Time is running out, but we've made it even easier for you to be a Capital Region high school senior featured on GNA's Senior Class Shout-Out Song.  We've added a phone line and an easier way to accommodate all of the messages from students who wish to be a part of it.
Governor: Memorial Day Ceremonies Can't Exceed 10 People
While many of the local parades and gatherings have already been canceled, in some areas, events may be planned.  On Tuesday, Governor Cuomo told the citizens of New York what to expect for Memorial Day in terms of ceremonies and gatherings.  He noted that while it's important to honor our veterans …

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