Interesting case that just went to court and had a very interesting outcome.  If you purchased a Subway Sub anytime after 2013, you may want to pay attention

Actually, that last sentence is a bunch of "you know what", because I'll give you a spoiler alert - you're getting nothing from this class action lawsuit against Subway, and that's what makes it so weird and interesting.

A federal judge agreed to a preliminary settlement this month for a class action lawsuit on behalf of everyone who purchased a sandwich at Subway since 2003.

<> on October 21, 2015 in Miami, Florida.
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Why?  Because you were deceived.  You thought you were getting a footlong sub when in actuality the roll wasn't exactly a foot long. Big whoop.  Even though you are one of probably 20 million people who bought one, you get nothing out of it.  The only thing that comes out of it is the assurance that they won't let this happen again.

It does show the power of social media though, because it's all because of one person who complained that his sub didn't measure up.

It's still the biggest class action suit of it's kind in history, so you also get the bragging rights of being part of that esteemed group.


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