The resume is impressive.  An American Idol first place finish, too many Grammy and CMA awards to count, a happy marriage, a healthy baby, and looks to kill. On the surface you'd think she has it all.  Yet Carrie Underwood wanted more.

What exactly Underwood wants, and why she left Arista Nashville for Capitol Records Nashville (UMG) is anybody's guess.  But the move is monumental; bringing an end to a 12 year run in which Carrie Underwood  established herself as one of the most successful artists in any musical genre, ever.

“It’s so inspiring to me as an artist to feel this excited about the future,” said Underwood. “The incredible team at UMG shares the heart and passion I have for music as well as the drive, and their innovative spirit has shown that together the possibilities are endless.”

Underwood clearly wants more.  Her words chosen carefully. Her intent: reveal a little bit, but certainly not too much.  She talks about her future, UMG's passion, and the possibilities. I credit her immensely for making such a huge change midway through a musical career that 99.9% of other artists would envy. It comes with risk, but then again, change is risky. It also takes guts

Ask yourself this when it comes to your current job situation:  Is your company willing to innovate and adapt to "change" helping secure a better future for you? Are the people around you as passionate about their work as you are? Does the possibility exist to grow, learn, and create?

Change is good, it can make you feel alive again.  Sometimes the grass is greener, but we never know because we're too afraid to graze.

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