Nothing says 'May is here' like chilly temperatures and snow showers!

I am going to start with the good news because nothing is more annoying than snow in Spring, right? So lets start with the good news: we will not see any accumulation in the Capital Region (Higher elevations could see some!).

Now the bad news: according to the National Weather Service, chilly temperatures will continue Monday and Tuesday morning and we could see some snow showers in the Capital Region.

Yes, not unprecedented. But that still does not change the fact that no one wants to hear 'Snow in May.' Unless you are a skier or snowboarder. After what seemed to be an incredibly warm April, it has been pretty chilly so far this month! But I guess based on that face we shouldn't be surprised we are having some wacky weather, The warm April was wacky itself, as was the huge amounts of snow we had over the last 4 weeks of winter.

Happy Spring!


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