Beginning at 6am on Thursday, July 4th and continuing all throughout Independence Day on WGNA, Brian and Chrissy will be honoring some of the local men and women in our military who may be away from their families while protecting our freedom back home. Or, maybe you would like to honor the veteran in your life! We'll be airing special shout-outs, messages and personal stories from family members who want to honor the military hero in their family. It's Brian and Chrissy's Salute To The Troops and we would be honored to share your story on the radio as well as showcasing photos of these heroes all throughout the 4th of July weekend at

Simply fill out the information below (in 107 words or less) a tell us about the hero in your life you would like to salute on the 4th of July.  It could be your mom, dad, neighbor, friend, relative, mentor, or loved one.  They could be overseas right now, or right here in our backyard.  We would be honored to read some of these personal stories on the air and we may even be able to record your message for that special person to be played on GNA.  We'll also feature pictures of  heroes on our WGNA website.

All of us here at GNA hope you have a happy and safe 4th of July, and to the families of military personnel and to the soldiers themselves, we say thank you and godspeed.

Brian & Chrissy

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