When I saw these T-shirts for sale a wave of anger washed over me.

Brantley Gilbert is quickly becoming country music's latest "outlaw" and he's being completely up front about the fact that he used to be an outlaw in real life, too.

The T-shirt is for sale on Brantley's website and has an actual mugshot of his face.  There's also his "inmate ID" number and the date he was arrested, May 3, 2005.

The back of the T-shirt continues the arrest theme.  It says "Read Me My Rights."

It looks very authentic...  because it is.

When asked in a recent interview, he said, quote,

"I'm from Georgia.  We go to jail to learn lessons."


"The hardest part was finding a mugshot that looked unapologetic.  Most of the pictures had that 'Please don't call my mom' look."


I'm not into these T-shirts because I think it making light of breaking the law.  It's as if he's saying, "It's cool to get arrested! I'm so proud that I went to jail that I put it on a shirt!" and even worse, "I'm charging you money to wear it!"

No, thanks, Brantley.  How about we don't encourage people to go to jail, and we don't make a tacky joke out of a mugshot and our Miranda Rights.

If you're with Brantley on this one, Click Here to buy a shirt.

They are $24.95.

Brantley Gilbert
Terry Wyatt, Getty Images


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