Its that time of year and if you maybe aren't having much luck in the place you are used to maybe a change of scenery to here will work for you.

Now I myself come from a hunting family, at least one side of it. However I never have been in my life. That is partially due to the classic line that I am sure many grandparents have said to their grand kids, "You'll scare all the deer away". I also had (probably still do) ADHD pretty badly as a kid so I can't exactly blame my grandfather.

One town though in the Capital Region shines above the rest according to while ranking the top 50 hunting towns in the state of New York. That town would be Hoosick in Rensselaer County. The town ranked at number 45 and was the only one in our midst to make the list. Last year 280 bucks and 522 total deer were results of hunting. The number one town, Jerusalem, 454 bucks, 1,115 total deer. Full list below.

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