Do you know who is the best paid celebrity under the age of 30?  You'll never believe it, but Lady Gaga tops the list, according to  25-year old Lady G earned $90 million over the past year.  Unreal, right?  And you would think because she is an entertainer, that someone like Carrie Underwood would be way up towards the top of the list as well.  Wrong!  The 28-year old Underwood only ranked 19th, tying with Lil Wayne at $15 million. Taylor Swift , however, did rack in the moo-la.  She earned $45 million over the last year at only the age of 21!  That's incredible!

Carlos Alvarez, Getty Images

Most of the people that made the top 20 list were sports figures if they weren't a musical performer.  One sports figure, who I've never heard of is soccer "stud" Cristiano Ronaldo -- and when I say stud, he is most definitely eye candy.  The 26-year old Brazilian soccer player made $38 million and earned himself a 7th spot on the list.  He should consider going into the entertainment world if the whole soccer thing doesn't work out.  Check him out -- he could easily be a model!



This isn't the complete list, but I've included the rest of ten top-earning celebrities under the age of 30.  It's unreal.  I just hope these 20-year olds are taking very, very good care of their parents and/or family.

1- Lady Gaga (25) - $90 million

2- Justin Bieber ( 17) - $53 million

3- LeBron James (26) - $48 million

4- Roger Federer (29) - $47 million

5- Taylor Swift (21) - $45 million

6- Katy Perry (26) - $44 million

7- Cristiano Ronaldo (26) - $38 million

8- Beyonce (29) - $35 million

9- Lionel Messi (23) also a soccer player - $32 million

10- Rafeal Nadal (25) - $31 million