Labor Day doesn't just stand out as the last day of track season in Saratoga, it also means another very successful year for business owners in the spa city.

So many businesses flourish during the summer in Saratoga and even some are able to make some amazing money during the short month and a half that the race track is open for. Saratoga County Chamber of Commerce President Todd Shimkus had a decent amount to say about the year they had had.

"Sometimes people suggest that the race meet here in Saratoga should be extended because it is so successful. The reality is I'm not sure our local businesses and the people that work for them could survive. We all, frankly, need a little bit of a break!" Shimkus said. - CBS 6

I think it is interesting suggesting that the track season should be extended. I personally don't see too much harm in say another two weeks but I get where he is coming from, its just too many days off and murder on the body.

Shimkus also spoke about how this year just couldn't compare to last year with American Pharaoh.

"This year, certainly, there is a little bit of a hangover from American Pharaoh, there certainly wasn't the same excitement level that we had with that amazing horse." - CBS 6

Either way another year in and another one successful. I would though like to add, SPAC also adds a lot to the summer season in Saratoga for businesses as well. Personally from experience going to SPAC every summer, I see and speak to so many people and many travel in from a far distance just to see a show there. After all it is one of the best outdoor music venues in the country and just celebrated their fifty year anniversary as well.