For some people shopping is therapeutic, some people it's annoying. For me, I like the stores I like because I know what my sizes are and it's not a guessing game. One of my favorite stores is finally coming to Crossgates Mall and I'm SO excited!

A little back story on me, I lived in Madrid, Spain for 6 months my junior year of college (2009). I had the opportunity to study abroad and as a Spanish major, I couldn't turn it down. When there, I was introduced to a store called Zara and I was immediately hooked. Zara has been making its way overseas in the past couple of years, there's at least one in NYC, but I was crossing my fingers they would be making their way to the 518!

I follow Crossgates Mall on Instagram and internally screamed when they posted that the 33,000 square foot, two-level store is coming this Fall to the JCPenny wing. Its style is somewhat similar to H&M if I had to compare it (they're owned by the same company), it's fashion-forward, classy and offers anything men and women. I personally can't wait for this store to come. Good thing it's coming in the Fall, though, I need a few months before I say goodbye to all of my money! :)

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