It was announced in Governor Cuomo’s budget plan this week that soon all movie theaters in New York could serve alcohol.

This proposal would allow movie theaters to apply to the New York State Liquor Authority for a license to sell the alcohol.  Cuomo’s plan would incentivize the sale of alcohol from New York breweries and wineries.  I like the idea of pairing NY products with this idea. The New York beer and wine would only be allowed for movies rated PG-13 or higher with a limit of one drink at a time per person.

Burgeoning Craft Beer Industry Creates Niche Market For Limited Release Beers
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I remember when Broadway Joe’s was open in Saratoga for dinner and a movie.  I loved that concept.  So, this new plan for drinks in the theater intrigues me a little.  I mean, I don’t go to a movie to drink, but I may purchase one to enjoy during the show.  Once the movie starts though, I am in my seat so I am not sure this plan would get repeat purchasers.  But, what do I know, it could be very successful.

I think it might be fun to have a sort of lounge area where you could have a beer and a "reasonably priced" snack before the movie. I think the only drawback would be the potential to have some patrons imbibe too much and get loud in the theater. Ugh don't ruin Star Wars episode 8 on me!

What do you think of this idea?

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