I can hear your brains thinking right now; sounds a bit like a 1999 Firebird revving its engine after a few years in the garage.

That's fine...your brain should be a little bit rusty when it comes to Arena Football.  It's been almost two decades since Albany had a major Arena Football team.  Now we need a name.  Any suggestions?

Time to get creative and clever, cmon Albany...We have one shot to make this right!

The person that submits the team name that is ultimately selected will receive:

  • Two season tickets for the inaugural season.
  • Official Game Helmet with the Team Logo on it.
  • Official Framed Game Jersey with Team Name/Logo on it with custom name plate
  • Public recognition at Team Name press conference

Should the team name that is chosen be submitted on multiple fan submissions, the person who submitted the team name first wins the tie-breaker and therefore, the contest.





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