The Capital of New York is one of the hottest destinations for 25-34 year old's.

Affordable housing, a solid job market and a great social scene are what make Albany one of's top 10 destinations for millenials, according to a Times Union story. Albany landed at #8 on the list and Buffalo also made the top 10. based the rankings on pageviews of the ranked cities on their website.

The Times Union says Albany's great hot-spots (Coffee houses, cocktail bars, brewhouses), affordable hosing and tech jobs are all factors in making Albany one of the top 10 hotspots.

Albany does have so much to offer, and the region as whole seems to offer a lot as far as housing, jobs and nightlife. Troy and Schenectady seem to be booming as well and a great destinations. It's a pretty cool time to be living here - especially if you love all the great beer destinations!

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