Maybe your first reaction is the same as mine: how is this possible?

And I am not talking about from a standpoint of quality of life. I think Albany and the Capital Region is a great place to live. But, let's be honest: the cost of living here is pretty pricey. Once you hit retirement, usually the goal is to live as frugally as possible.

So maybe you are wondering how Albany was named one of the best places to retire? Chamber of Commerce recently ranked the best cities in the United States to retire in, and Albany did pretty well landing at #30 on their list. The rankings only apply to cities with a population over 10,000 and their rankings were based on criteria like poverty rate, percentage of the population and retirees over 65, the number of physicians and police in the city, housing costs and more. Schenectady also made the list at #88.

Outside of the cost of living, you can imagine all the Doctors and hospitals we have, police and First Responders and the overall quality of life here in the Albany area are why we rank so high.

You can see the full rankings here.


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