New York City hospitals have been struggling to keep up with COVID-19 patents, and the Capital Region is lending a hand.

It's a great example of 'We're all in this together.'

According to a Times Union (TU) story, some New York City area hospitals have begun transporting coronavirus patients to Albany Med for treatment. Patients from Jamaica Hospital and Flushing Hospital in Queens were transferred and admitted Tuesday night. Governor Cuomo had alluded to the possibility of upstate hospitals helping to alleviate the coronavirus strain on hospital in the New York City area. The TU says Albany Med is currently treating 25 COVID-10 patients.

Let's hope places like Albany and transfers to other upstate hospitals could provide some much needed relief to our medical professionals in the New York City area. The numbers of patients they are dealing with by all accounts seem staggering - it's great to see Albany stepping up to help out our fellow New Yorkers! As I wrote earlier, we're all in this together!

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