We have some beautiful landmarks in the Capital Region, even more so from an aerial perspective.

Amidst the hustle and bustle of everyday life in the Albany area, it is easy to lose focus on the beauty around us. From natural wonders to architectural achievements, Albany and the surrounding areas have a lot to admire. Sometimes to appreciate it all, you just need a fresh perspective.

Drone Shot Media Captures Stunning Aerial Images Of Albany Area Landmarks

Drone Shot Media is all about that unique perspective. They are drone photography pros and have been utilizing the airborne technology to take some amazing photos of local landmarks in Albany, Troy, and more. They bring a beauty and perspective you cannot get at ground level. These are the photos you have tried to take through a 737's window while on approach to the Albany airport, but with clarity and definition, you cannot get while buckled in with your tray table up! The buildings and natural wonders in these photos are breathtaking!

So let's go on a little aerial tour of some of our favorite local landmarks!

Take A Stunning Birds Eye View Tour Of Capital Region Landmarks

Sometimes a new perspective on the world around you makes you appreciate your surroundings a little bit more. In the case of these aerial shots of some stunning Capital Region landmarks, that is exactly the case! The photo pros at Drone Shot Media have been capturing some truly unique vantage points of our most legendary local landmarks. From the Empire State Plaza to Cohoes Falls and so many spots in between, check out these stunning images.

Gallery Credit: Drone Shot Media

Identify These Capital Region Landmarks From Satellite Photos

Google Maps is a pretty amazing thing. Google Satellite Images are even more amazing considering what they can capture with a camera miles above the earth's surface. So let's have a little fun and see if you can identify some Capital Region landmarks from the great beyond. Check out each satellite photo below, followed by a street view angle to see if ya got 'em right!

Gallery Credit: Matty Jeff


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