Remember once adult coloring books became a thing, they just started appearing everywhere? Anything you want to color to relax your mind you could, except local monuments. Well, I found them!

I frequent the website Etsy and wanted to find some local art for my house so I started typing in "Albany," "Schenectady," and "Troy" to see what was going to come up. I came across the account of Daydream Hunter. They have great posters if you're an aspiring ADK 46er or just want an interesting take on Lark Street. My eyes went right to the coloring books.

I bought the $11.99 book and have loved every second of it. You can color the New York State Capitol Building, the Empire State Plaza/Albany Skyline, or even make Nipper a blue dog instead of white and brown. Over the weekend, I colored in the New York State Museum and not only was it relaxing but it was cool to have images of where I'm from. I have tried to nudge the author to create a Schenectady version but until then, Trojans, you're next with a Troy version announced this morning! As for the next one I'm gonna color, look out Nipper!


Coloring local landmarks is fun! @daydreamhuntr @nysmuseum


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