This is the ultimate example of re-purposing. A Lake Placid craft brewer is aging one of his concoctions in an old Cold War missile silo!

Yes, I know it sounds crazy. But it's true! According to the Leader Herald, Big Slide Brewery in Lake Placid ages their Russian Imperial stout  'in a former Atlas missile silo on a nearby farm.' The cool conditions in the 25 foot deep silo make it the perfect spot to age this brew!

This really pretty interesting - who knows how many old military spots are abandoned and not in use anymore, that could be re-purposed? And what better way to re-use something made for war for something that brings people together? Great beer.

Now, it does not look like Big Slide will be at Troy On Tap later this month which is a bummer. I would love to sample a silo-aged beer. But it is a great chance to get together with great people to enjoy some great brews. And hey, maybe you can turn some other brewers on to the Silo idea!