I really do love this story. If you missed the "Good News" on the Sean and Richie Show today, we do it every weekday morning at about 8:10 am. today , we had an unbelievable story out of New Mexico.

Pamela Soto is two years old and lives  in New Mexico. Sadly she has a degenerative eye condition that is making her go blind, she had had an operation but it didn't work and the Doctor's told Pamela's parents that she needed to have another surgery but it would cost $35,000.

Her mom went around town , visited area businesses hoping to get donations so that they could pay for the surgery but only raised $5000. It was then that the unthinkable happened, someone anonymously donated the entire $35,000! Not only would that pay for the operation but it allowed Pamela's parents to use the $5000 that they had raised to pay for the trip to Michigan for the surgery.

Pamela had the surgery and it WORKED! She is now regaining her eyesight and it is all thanks to the donor who has now come forward, it was actually two guys named, Danny Watson and Jimmy Cooper who own a construction company in the area. They said, once they heard about Pamela they just couldn't let someone so young go blind knowing there was a way to stop it. Danny says, he just felt it was something God wanted him to do. Wow, amazing guys.

Danny had a chance to meet Pamela, but he said he wanted to wait til she could "SEE" him before he did , you can watch the story and see the pictures of Danny and Pamela together here with this report from, KOB News.

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