Are you a flirt? Do you wear slippers after 10 pm? You could be in trouble with the law.

Albany Magazine has a great story about some weird Albany Laws. Here are some gems on the books in  New York State:

1. It is illegal to play golf in the street. If you are playing golf in the street, you have bigger problems than this law. Though putting it into an open manhole would help my handicap.

2. Children are not allowed to attach wings to their arms and fly. This one covers the whole state. Ya know, this is just crazy. This has been perfectly legal everywhere else I have lived. ;)

3. You cannot wear slippers after 10 pm. It would be funny if this was actually enforced. The Slipper Patrol would keep our streets safe at night. Slipper Patrol. That doesn't really strike any fear, does it?

4. A person cannot walk around with an ice cream cone in their back pocket on Sunday. Standing still with a cone in your back pocket is perfectly fine, or having it in your pocket Monday through Saturday. Ha!

5. A $25 fine can be levied for flirting.  I would be broke if this one was enforced!

Be careful out there - ya never know when you could be breaking the law doing everyday stuff!!! ;)

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