I know, Dad can be hard to shop for. My Dad especially (don't we all say that?)

They have everything they could ever want (most of the time), they don't typically need anything (you can afford anyway) and they don't want to go out of the house (unless it's to go to the casino - oh, just mine?)

So, what do you do for Dad?

My first little friendly tip: think experiences. As I've gotten older, I've come to realize for myself and my family, we just like making memories together, capturing what we can in photos and videos and having fun. So, maybe me even just saying that helps spark the creativity.

If not, here are a few ideas that might make this Fathers Day, the best one yet...

  1. Tri-City Valley Cats - get tickets to an upcoming game. Sure, there isn't one this weekend, but the team is back home next weekend and you can see their schedule here. It's always a great time out and some of those players make it to the majors, so it's a "see them before they were famous" kinda deal.
  2. Make Dad Dinner - Okay, that seems too easy, right? Well, it is but he'll love it! This Sunday is supposed to be absolutely beautiful. Perfect to throw some steaks on the grill and set up a table outside and celebrate Dad!
  3. Concert Tickets - Like I teased before, experiences. If your family is like mine, we love music! So whether you grab a pair for Countryfest or one of the many shows coming to SPAC or the Times Union Center, Dad will love it!
  4. Daddy/Daughter or Son Day - These are super easy to plan, it's a matter of finding a day that works with your schedule. Heck, maybe ya just do it on Sunday. But, whatever day you choose, pick a couple of activities, surrounding lunch or dinner and make a day where Dad truly feels special. Maybe it's something as simple as lunch and a movie you know he wants to see. He'll love that he's spending the day with his kid and that, in the busy world we live in, you've blocked out your schedule just for him.
  5. Baseball Hall of Fame/Basketball Hall of Fame/Insert Sports Something Here - We have a lot of stuff within driving distance from the Capital Region. Whether it's Cooperstown or Springfield, MA, there's bound to be a road trip that you can bring Dad on that he'll absolutely enjoy from beginning to end!

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