Summer may be coming to an end, but there is still time to get these 5 things in before we say goodbye to the sunshine and heat!  Trust me, I did them and you will love them!


Amusement Parks – Hoffman’s Play Land

All families in the Capital Region need to go to Hoffman’s Playland this Summer.  The rides are fun, the atmosphere is awesome and it’s such a fun day watching your kids have so much fun!  Kids can ride the boats, the trucks and even the bigger kids get into the fun too!   It really is a fun family day.  And, with this being the last season Hoffman’s will be open, make your plans to get there soon!

Sean McMaster

Baseball – Valley Cats

Who doesn’t love a baseball game?  The hotdogs, the ice cream the peanuts!  There is just something about taking the whole family to see a baseball game.  Trust me, everyone will love this trip!  The Valley Cats still have games left, so grab your tickets and go.  There are games for the kids and entertainment all night.  Caden’s favorite part was chasing the mascot all throughout the park!  But we finally got him!  Trust me, it’s a night you will remember!

Sean McMaster

Zoo – Animal Land

It’s hard to belive we have this treasure right here in our area!  If you have not been to Animal Land yet, you need to pack up the family and go!  The animals are awesome!!  Bears, Giraffes, Deer, Monkeys, turtles.  You name it, they have it!  Watching the kids feed the animals is so cute!  Kids of all ages will love this day!  AND, you can even walk among the deer!!  Literally, pet deer.  It’s awesome.  And the free safari ride included in the cost of your admission, is great!  The Llama’s come right up to you!  This is a must do before the summer ends!

Sean McMaster

Drive- Ins

End of the summer is perfect for the drive ins!  Who doesn’t love watching a movie outside?   How much fun is to get in your PJ’s, head to the largest movie screen ever and set up chairs and blankets in the parking lot to watch a movie!!  Or to set up camp in the back of the car for the kids and create a date night for the parents outide?  No matter how you do it, it’s fun.  You can even bring your own food!  Or opt for the self-serve popcorn from the concession stand!  The kids will LOVE this experience, and by the end of the night, they will be so tired from all the fun, they will fall fast asleep for a peaceful ride home!

Sean McMaster


Beach Day

We live close to the coast, so “beachin” for a day is a great way to close out summer!  Cape Cod, Jersey Shore, Lake George or Moreau State Park… just to name a few close beach getaways!  Let the whole family relax one last time.  Play catch, build a sand castle or jump the waves!  Whatever you do on the beach is a fun family day and will create amazing end of the summer memories!

Sean McMaster

Bonus –

Mini Golf

Every family need to experience this!  A little fun competition among siblings and parents??  Kids of all ages can mini golf!  I love it!  And it’s a good way to see if your kid will be the next Tiger Woods!  So make sure you include mini gold one more time before the summer ends, you won’t regret it!

Sean McMaster