According to a recent study done by Wallet Hub and also reported on by the Times Union, New York is the best state in the nation to work as a teacher. Although we didn't rank the highest in any single category, when all the factors were considered together, New York came out on top.

How did they come to that conclusion? You can see Wallet Hub's breakdown of New York state right here in this video.

The study showed that New York ranked highly in

  • 'average salary'
  • 'teacher tenure protections', and
  • 'public school spending.'

I know what you're thinking. Being a teacher in New York is tough. How can we possibly be the best? You know a teacher who works long hours and spends money out of his or her own pocket to get supplies for their kids. Maybe you're a teacher who does those things yourself. And if you think that, you're right. Being a teacher in New York is tough, but I think it's also true that New York is better than a lot of other places in the country. Of course, it will vary a lot depending on which district you're in and how well that district is funded.

But it's probably also true that, as this study reports, New York is a pretty good place to be a teacher when compared to all the other states in the country. But that says at least as much about the unfortunate state of our school funding across the nation as it does about New York in particular. So, let's make sure we are showing appreciation for the teachers we know because they are the ones making the schools work.

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