The deer are running. Be careful on those back country roads and country routes through the Adirondacks.

This past Friday night I ran up to Lowville in North Central New York to pick up my daughters. No problem getting up there. The ride home was an adventure.

I was heading back across the Adirondacks on Route 8 and was just outside of Oxbow Lake. 8, yes 8 deer cam flying off the mountain and across the road in front of my 2006 Pontiac. I missed the first 4 of them, and then 3 more came behind those.

1 of them just barely bumped the front passenger side of my car and was fine, and they all ran off into the woods. I though they were all  gone and the "Bam!" One more came running out late and took a turn to right and lowered its head and did a number on my car. It dented the hood, cracked the headlight assembly and smashed out half of my front grill.

The car kept running fine and no one was hurt thank goodness. Be careful out there, its that time of the year. Once hunting season starts it will only get worse as the deer become more startled. It reminded me that I need to get a AAA membership. This video shows how fast it can happen. Buckle up.

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