Don't you hate True False tests?  I like making them up, but hate taking them!  Hope YOU like taking them--otherwize this was a total waste of a perfectly good blog...1.  According to the National Climate Center--that little rodent is only right 72% of the time.     T  or F ?

2.   In Alaska, Groundhog's Day is February 15th.    T or F?

3.   In Southeast Pennsylvania, they have a social event in which you are not allowed to speak English--only the Pennyslyvania German dialect  T F?

4.  The largest Groundhog Day Celebration in the country is not in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania    T F?

5.  The 1993 Movie Groundhog Day was mostly filmed in Woodstock, NY.    TF?

(answers are below------don't cheat, you cheaters!!!!)

1. False.  Only right 39% of the time!  (And you believe this stuff???---really??

2. False.  It's February 2nd, and it' called Marmot Day.  They dont even HAVE many groundhogs there!

3.True--and they charge you a fine per English word that you use.

4. False!  Haven't you learned that when the word NOT is in a true false question, it's probably B.S.??   LOL

5. Kinda True, Kinda False!  It was mostly filmed in Woodstock...........Illinois!!!!! Tricked ya! (isn't there ALWAYS a True False question that's purposely constructed to trick you?

Which is why I HATE True False Tests!        TRUE!!!!

Thanks to Wikipedia for the information.  And God knows if it's even accurate or not to begin with!!  Have a nice day!!!