This latest Casey Kasem story floating around in the news is tragic.  I think anyone who's ever listened to radio or watched Scooby Doo can instantly identify with that iconic voice.  So Bethany and Producer Dave wanted to pay tribute to him on Write A Song Wednesday.  Nice idea, guys!  I'm there for you.   

Along with Casey's "keep reaching for the stars" tagline, he had many other words of wisdom.  We found one of his favorites.  You fine people used that as the kickoff point and took it from there!

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You're only as good as the people you work for
so don't forget that as you walk out the door
we make them rich but we're stilll poor
you work for minimum wage and not a penny more
you think office work is hard how bout digging ditches
so don't be stingy with the raises   all you little
cuz you know if you are   we can turn into snitches
as the door swings back.. and hits you in the ass
kiss this place goodbye and have a good laff
Thanks to all - great lyrics as usual!!