casey kasem

Seacrest’s Out…For Your Job [AUDIO]
Ryan Seacrest is literally taking over the planet and if you don't agree with that assessment, look at his history.  He's Dick Clark, Merv Griffin, Casey Kasem, and Regis Philbin all rolled into one.
Write A Song Wednesday Inspired By Casey Kasem -[Video]
This latest Casey Kasem story floating around in the news is tragic.  I think anyone who's ever listened to radio or watched Scooby Doo can instantly identify with that iconic voice.  So Bethany and Producer Dave wanted to pay tribute to him on Write A Song Wednesday.  Nice idea,…
Sean’s Top 5 Cartoons As A Kid[VIDEO]
Today on the show, someone used the word "snarky", and it immediately took me back to my childhood because it reminded me of the cartoon character, "Snarf" on the Thundercats. I loved Thundercats! And That got me thinking about those Saturday morning and weekday a…