Who conducts these studies anyway?  And do you believe them?  Well here's yet another one to ponder.

According to an English newspaper, "The Telegraph",

For this study, researchers went undercover and took notes on more than 2,500 people parking in lots and garages.  They rated people on criteria like finding a space, accuracy in lining up to pull in, speed pulling in, and staying in the lines.

And the results of the study?  I guess women were rated better at the actual act of parking, but guys did it faster!

Better?  BETTER? Let's see if this is true.  We at the Sean and Richie Show have a British corespondent who actually caught this female driver with a hidden camera.  Let's just see if she fits the results of this study!

Sorry ladies, but I pride myself in my parking prowess, and would love to challenge someone to a little contest.  We'll meet here in the 'GNA parking lot and we will recreate an open parking space and see who wins.  Anybody in? We'll video it and broadcast the results!