It's been nice not having to shovel, or brush off the car 22 times a day, this weekend.

The temperature has been above 50 below (please detect sarcasm in that in that part of the statement) for a few days. It's actually felt somewhat warm. You know you live in upstate New York when 25-30 degrees is warm. It's been a nice little break.

I love the change of weather with the seasons, but I have to admit, this has been a very tough winter, between the extremely cold temperatures, some ice build up from a storm or 2 ago, and now the snow banks. With all the snow we've had, trying to get out into traffic at an intersection is a little bit tougher with some very high snow banks. I was even thinking about getting a motorcycle helmet and some protective gear just to drive to work.

You very carefully inch your way into oncoming traffic hoping that you don't see any vehicles coming, and it's safe to proceed. Not my idea of a good time. You have to admit, it makes us more alert when we're on the roads.

I get a chuckle out of the mountains of snow in the parking lots of some of the malls. They're almost as tall as the buildings.

It's just a way of life in the winter in the Capital Region. Drive safe!