Another Store Bites the Dust at Crossgates Mall
It seems like stores are closing left and right these days. Whether it's due to heavier online shopping, high costs in rent or a bump in minimum wage, it's taking its toll on our local malls.
In the last couple of months
How to Make Holiday Shopping Easier For Yourself
I didn't give myself the nickname of "best gift giver," but I have been called it. I'll admit, it is true that I have a knack of finding the "perfect" items for people. Some call it luck, but that's not what it is. Not at all.
Your Local Mall Is A Germ Infested Paradise
You probably don't think about it. Howie Mandell would though.  (He's a well known germiphobic).  I'm not, but maybe you are, so I thought I'd let you know where they're located in your local mall(not the germiphobes-the germs)
News Happening Around Albany
Guilderland - Multiple families that rent homes owned by Crossgates Mall, are packing their things in boxes if they haven’t already done so.