Well, in my typical fashion, I usually get interested in sporting events after they happen. I knew nothing about "Will Take Charge", but after seeing highlights of the race, I wanted to find out everything!  What a finish!  (video to follow) 

It was a photo finish from the looks of it.  How exciting to watch the million dollar Travers  Stakes at the historic Saratoga Race Course!   According to SportsZone:

Will Take Charge, with a new rider in Luis Saez, caught Moreno in the final stride and won racing's Mid-Summer Derby by a nose...


Let's watch it, shall we?  I can't wait to see it again myself!

Boy - you have to have eagle eyes to figure out who really won that!  What a fantastic finish.  And to think - I would have put everything on "Palace Malice", just because it rhymed.  Duhhhhh!

If you'd like to know more about the history of Will Take Charge, this is a great summary below

Doesn't it make you feel even MORE proud to live in this area?  I've heard many people who really know racing tell me that Saratoga is the most beautiful race track in the country by far.  Did you go this year?  I did, but it was pretty early one morning, and I was working.....

photo by Richie Phillips