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Must Try Local Seasonal Beers for the Fall [LIST]
I enjoy drinking beer but one of the reasons I can't wait for fall is that this is my favorite time for seasonal beers. You may disagree but here are a few of my favorites that you may not have experienced.
Fan Appreciation Week At Saratoga Race Course
As the track season winds down, there are still a few days of racing and NYRA wants to show you that you are appreciated. Fan appreciation week runs now through September 4th with discounts and specials at the Saratoga Race Course.
Fun For Kids At The Saratoga Race Course
When I was a kid, we went to the Saratoga Race Course a lot. We would get all dressed up and go early to do breakfast with my sisters, my mom and my grandmother. Then we would stay for the day and wander around and watch the races. There wasn't much for us to do at the track as kids but now the…
I’ll Admit, I Love The Stinky Water Of The Big Red Spring
If you've ever been to the Saratoga Race Course, chances are you've been told it's "lucky" to drink the stinky, sulphery, slightly carbonated water from the "Big Red Spring". Maybe you tried it once on a dare and imediately spit it out, or perhaps you gave it a whirl as a kid, an…
What’s Your Favorite Way To Do ‘The Track’?
Friday kicks off another year of racing at the famed Saratoga Race Course.  Whether you bet 5 dollars or 5 grand for the day, everyone likes to "do" the track their own unique way and I'm guessing that whatever your favorite tradition was a kid, it probably hasn't changed much.  Do you hav…

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