Did you ever wonder what we're all doing wrong?  How are some people rolling in dough and others struggling paycheck to paycheck?  These things keep me up at nite. 

I did a little digging and found this article on Time.com.  It names 4 things that filthy rich folk have in common.  Some things are obvious, but some are a little eye opening..

For example - You may think they're very smart. Not necessarily!  The average college GPA of a millionaire (according to the article) is 2.9 out of 4!  Hell, Simon Cowell dropped out of school at age 16.  Here's a lady on YouTube who explains it pretty well from personal experience

Then I found a guy named Keethan Nadarajah who has a more formal presentation, but worth looking at

So I guess you shouldn't study much, start your own business and work your tussles off. That seems to be the bottom line here.  So get out there and hustle, folks!