As I was scouring the world wide interwebs for interesting things that are "trending" right now, I came across an article about Grey's Anatomy star, Ellen Pompeo talking about former co stars, blah blah blah. What got my attention though was the fact that all the comments from people reading the article seem to have a common theme that I didn't know people were feeling, "The show just isn't good anymore"

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Now I'm sure there are plenty of people who would debate the fact that "Grey's Anatomy" isn't worth watching these days, I know my wife would be one of them she still watches it religiously. There were however many people who just felt that after 2 or 3 seasons the show had just "jumped the shark".

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I know I feel this way about a few shows this year that even just last year I could not wait to see each and every week. At the moment "Homeland" comes to mind, I LOVED that show and so far after 2 weeks of this season three I'm asking myself if I even want to keep taping it. I even have a few weeks of "Criminal Minds" on my DVR that I have not even tried to watch yet this year.

It's a normal progression eventually writers just run out of good ideas for the characters and theme. This is why so few shows end with the audience still enthralled and wanting more, this happened just last week with "Breaking Bad".

SO I ask you, What show was so good that you could not wait to get settled down to watch it last year, and it has either lost you with story lines this year, or you have not even bothered to watch.