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My Emotions Can’t Handle Must See TV
NBC announced that they will be bringing back "Must See TV" this fall. That's great and all, but they obviously didn't think about the rest of us that watch multiple shows on different networks.
Grey’s Anatomy Departures: Find Out Who’s Leaving the Show
Grey's vet, Sandra Oh who plays Christina Yang is definitely leaving the show, and now there is word that at least two of the residents are not coming back.
Gaius Charles, who plays Shane Ross, will say goodbye to the ABC Drama, and Tessa Ferrer who plays Leah Murphy will not back next season, e…
What TV Show Was “Must See” And Now Just Clutters Your DVR?
As I was scouring the world wide interwebs for interesting things that are "trending" right now, I came across an article about Grey's Anatomy star, Ellen Pompeo talking about former co stars, blah blah blah. What got my attention though was the fact that all the comments from people readi…