For those of you who listen to me, you know I am a fan of sleeping!  So when I read this study by Premier Inns about sleeping positions, I had to share it with you!

The study says there are 4 major kinds of sleepers and each one reflects certain personality traits.  So, naturally, I thought to myself well, I sleep on my side so they are clearly going to tell me side sleepers are good looking, funny and easy going.  Well, something like that anyway.  Let's see what we can learn about ourselves through sleeping positions.

The Fetal Position.

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Over half of people in the study literally curl up into the fetal position.  These sleepers are comfort seekers and worriers who think too much about their daily tasks!

The Log Position.

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This would be the way I sleep. These sleepers are straight in a vertical line with arms at your sides. These sleepers could have a rigid personality.  (Wait. I DO NOT!)  Those of us who sleep in this “rigid” position also often find themselves waking up stiffer and in more discomfort than when they went to bed. (NOT IF YOU HAVE A SLEEP NUMBER BED LIKE I DO)  Our muscles may not be getting the proper rest while they sleep. Or it might mean that you have to spend more of your waking hours learning how to relax. (AMEN!)

The Yearner.

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You’re reaching for the stars with outstretched arms as a yearner! Yearners are people who get up in the morning with an excitement to get out there and chase their dreams.  Albeit, without a real focus. You are also chronic time wasters.

The Freefall Position.

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If you sleep face down on your stomach with arms and legs all over the bed, it might mean that you are seeking control of time and space in a way that you don’t feel you have in your waking hours. These are the sleepers who may be getting the least restful night’s sleep.

So there you have it!  Which are kind of sleeper are you and does the personality trait match?