This article goes out to my favoritist person in the world - my son, Ben. He's a real car buff and honestly, I'm not. I really don't care what I drive, but he feels differently.

He just loves them, so I thought I'd give him something to drool over (and the rest of you, as well, should you be interested).

The list seems to differ, depending on who's during the research, but according to this "Top 10" video I found on YouTube, they count down the most pricey set of wheels and they found the Bugatti Veyron Supersport came in at No. 1 at $2,400,000.

Now that's funny, because I found that the Maybach Exelero cost more at $8 million.

Hey -whatever. I'm sure my son would settle for any one of these.  Which one would you want in YOUR driveway? Let's see...

There you go, Ben. I hope you are rich enough someday to buy one (but I'm not co-signing, so don't ask).