Valentine's Day can be a day of loneliness for all the single people out there - but in Japan, you can buy Valentine's Day insurance to make sure you aren't left without a gift! WHAT?!  In Japan, the holiday is celebrated - usually with chocolate gifts, but only women give presents to men.

What if you're the only man in the office who doesn't receive chocolate on the day of love?  Valentine's Day is a major source of unease and anxiety for men in Japan, and many will go out of their way to ensure they don't have to experience the pain and embarrassment of not receiving a gift.

How about Valentine's Day Insurance?  An inexpensive policy (500 yen - about $5.35 US) that gives each insurance policy holder a gift on February 14th with both a personal messaged from a beautiful woman named Rieko, and a box of chocolates.

Would you buy Valentine's Day Insurance?  Or have you sent yourself candy or flowers on the big day?