Tips To Keep Your Pets Safe This Halloween
Every Halloween we bring our dog, Freddie, to either my mom's house or board him. This way we know he is stress free and safe. If you aren't able to have the option, here are some tips that can keep your furry friend calm during the witching hours.
Having S’mores Indoors – Brilliant! [PICS]
I didn't enjoy many s'mores this summer outside as I would have liked, so it was a pleasant surprise when this amazing invention was delivered to our house. We now have an indoor s'more maker and it's amazing.
Stewart’s Ice Cream Recall
One of my favorite flavors of Stewart's ice cream is being recalled for improper labeling. The mistake could lead to something more serious so they are asking consumers to check their freezers.
Are You Into McDonald’s New Chocolate Fries?
Sometimes you need something sweet... sometimes you need something salty.  It's an age old dilemma.  But now, thanks to America's favorite drive through restaurant, we can have both... at the same time!
On Tuesday, McDonalds’s Japan pulled the curtain off its newest culinary masterpiece: the McChoco …
Endangered Foods! Please, No! Chocolate Is On This List!
An article on lists 4 foods that are endangered, and I am having a big problem with it!
1. Maple Syrup
Little known fact about me... I was the Western New York Maple Queen when I was 17, so this one hits home to me!  Experts are saying that because of lower levels of rain acidity, extreme …
Valentine’s Day Insurance: To Make Sure You Get a Gift
Valentine's Day can be a day of loneliness for all the single people out there - but in Japan, you can buy Valentine's Day insurance to make sure you aren't left without a gift! WHAT?!  In Japan, the holiday is celebrated - usually with chocolate gifts, but only women give presen…

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