Valentine's Day.  No need to go on with a long drawn-out explanation about what this holiday is for.  Love, Flowers, Cupid....all that junk.   I want to represent the other side for a change.  They deserve a mention on this day too, you know!!!

  Just do a quick Google search on how many songs have been written about love.  Here, I'll actually give you a website where you can check it out for yourself.   And these are just songs that they could find the lyrics to!

 Well, if you do the same with the word HATE, you won't be anywhere NEAR as lucky.  And I'm sure there are folks who are less than enamored with the ones they used to be enamored with at one time.  So although I am not here to spread hate, I am trying to be realistic and give those who are not in the blissful state of love equal time.

Using a classic Nat King Cole Song--L-O-V-E, I tried my darndest this morning to give you the other side of the coin.  And boy, I racked my brain for this one.  It's always the ones that look easy that are the hardest, I have found.  Either that, or it's trying to be coherent on a Monday!  But here it is, for better or worse.

Final thoughts---May your hatred convert to love someday.  You deserve it.

And also, I realize this is from a man's point of view.  If there's a woman out there who would like to respond, please do!!!  No matter what the comment, I won't hate you for it!