Bear in mind that none of this changes anything. The grandmother, 44 year old Andrea Ocasio was left to babysit her grandson while the child's father was working.

She left the apartment, just a few doors down from a crack house wide open and the baby ALONE sleeping on the couch. She also took the 3 year old child's Christmas gifts and traded them for crack cocaine which she chose to use.

The son in law luckily saw her leaving the crack house and heading back to the apartment . The police then went into the crack house and retrieved the child's presents.

Does this change anything? Absolutely not. It was horrible then, and its horrible now. As I said yesterday if a judge could legally sentence someone to "go straight to hell", he should impose that penalty in this case.

A slap on the wrist won't help. She needs a nice long trip to the grey bar hotel, and a restraining order placed on her for life preventing her from having contact with the grandchild and any child as far as that goes.

Thoughts, comments? Your input means a lot.